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Florida Bankruptcy Exemptions

Supplemental Federal Exemptions Click Here

Exemptions explained

The Florida bankruptcy exemptions chart details the property you can exempt or protect from creditors when you file bankruptcy in Florida. You may exempt any property that falls into one of the exemptions categories below, up to the dollar amount listed. You will be able to kept this exempted property after you file bankruptcy. Please note that there are certain debts which you will not be able to erase in bankruptcy.

An exemption limit applies to any equity you have in the property. Equity is the difference between the value of the property and what is owed on the property. For example, a car valued at $5000 with a loan of $4500 has an equity value of only $500.

If the property is secured by a loan, such as a car or home, and you are current on the payments, the equity is covered by your exemptions, and you elect to keep making payments on the loan you generally can keep this property through the bankruptcy. If all the equity is not covered by your exemptions the trustee may elect to liquidate this asset and distribute the assets. Generally, in this case, you would be entitled to the value of your exemption in the asset as a cash payment.

Bankruptcy law allows married couples filing jointly to each claim a full set of exemptions, unless otherwise noted.

To keep non-exempt property, a debtor must generally pay the trustee the value of the non-exempt property.

When you file bankruptcy in Florida you may also use certain federal exemptions in addition to your Florida exemptions.

Homestead Real or personal property including mobile or modular home to unlimited value; property cannot exceed ½ acre in municipality or 160 contiguous acres elsewhere; spouse or child or deceased owner may claim homestead exemptionMay file homestead declaration

Property held as tenancy by the entirety may be exempt against debts owed by only one spouse

222.01, 222.02,222.03, 222.05,

Constitution 10-4


In re Avins, 19 B.R. 736
(S.D. Fla. 1982)

Insurance Annuity contract proceeds; does not include lottery winningsDeath benefits payable to a specific beneficiary, not the deceased’s estate

Disability or illness benefits

Fraternal benefit society benefits, if received before 10/1/96

Life insurance cash surrender value

222.14; In re Pizzi
, 153 B.R.357 (S.D. Fla. 1982)





Miscellaneous Alimony, child support needed for supportDamages to employees for injuries in hazardous occupations

Pre-need funeral contract deposits Property of business partnership

497.413(8) 620.68
Pensions see also wages County officers, employees
ERISA-qualified benefits
Highway patrol officers
Police officers
State officers, employees Teachers
121.131 238.15
Personal property Any personal property to $1,000 (Husband & wife may double)
Health aids Motor vehicle to $1000
Constitution 10-4;
In re Hawkins, 51 B.R. 348 (S.D. Fla. 1985)
Public benefits Crime victims’ compensation unless seeking to discharge debt for treat of injury incurred during the crime
Hazardous occupation injury recoveries
Public assistance
Social security
Unemployment compensation
Veterans’ benefits Workers’ compensation
222.201, 443.051(2), (3)
222.201, 744.626
Tools of trade NONE
Wages $100 of wages for heads of family up to $500 per week either unpaid or paid and deposited into bank account for up to 6 months Federal government employees pension payments needed for support and received 3 months prior 222.11 222.21